Lenovo beats Apple for top laptop brand

by Haadi Bakar
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Lenovo is now the most popular laptop brand, according to LaptopMag’s annual Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2017 ratings, scoring high points for cutting-edge innovation and stronger customer support.

The Chinese brand leapfrogged Apple for the number one spot in the 2017 charts. Apple on the other hand dropped significantly to fifth place after holding the top spot for six consecutive years.

LaptopMag cited Lenovo’s high-quality laptops, particularly its ThinkPad and Yoga lines, as well as the company’s strong support and industry-leading innovations such as the Yoga Book and Halo keyboard, as key factors that led to the brand’s rapid climb to the top of the charts.

Meanwhile, Apple’s dramatic fall in LaptopMag’s ratings was attributed to lower review scores as well as limited value and selection of the company’s Macbook lineup, despite still offering top-notch customer support.

The website also said Apple has alienated many mainstream consumers by dropping traditional ports such as USB slots and SD-card readers off its entire new Macbooks, all while pricing their new machines quite expensively.

Image courtesy of LaptopMag.

“Apple fell so sharply because the company focused on more expensive systems with nice-to-have features like the Touch Bar while moving too quickly to ditch the features creative pros rely on,” said Mark Spoonauer, Laptop Mag’s editor-in-chief.

Apple was met with criticism late last year when it released its new Macbook Pro with Touch Bar. Professionals panned the laptop for being underpowered despite being marketed as a ‘Pro’ laptop.

Meanwhile, other laptop brands have stepped up their game, especially in the 2-in-1 category, Spoonauer said.

The rankings also showed Asus in second place, scoring high points for value and design. This was followed by Dell and HP at third and fourth place respectively. Acer climbed three spots to sixth place.

This laptop comparison guide is not a popularity contest, so it’s highly unlikely that it would impact Apple’s Macbook sales anytime soon, seeing as many consumers are still drawn to the strong brand, even if there are better alternatives available.

And as global PC sales continue to plummet, this chart does not necessarily translate to huge profits for a lot of OEMs in the foreseeable future.


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