Wayang app shows movie screenings in Brunei at a glance

by Haadi Bakar
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As a frequent movie goer, I regularly check movie schedules and purchase my tickets online. But often times I find myself having multiple tabs on my browser just to find different showtimes from various cinemas in Brunei.

One Bruneian aims to make our lives (and his) a lot easier with a smartphone app he recently developed, called Wayang.

Currently available as a free download on iOS, the Wayang app consolidates movie schedules from six popular cineplexes in the sultanate so movie goers don’t have to go through multiple websites to find movie showtimes.

When the app is launched, it displays all the latest movies that are showing in the country front and centre, listed beautifully with hi-res images and short synopsis of the films. When users click on a movie they’re interested in, the app then displays the complete schedule of that film that’s showing at the six movie theatres.

Users can view movie showtimes throughout the week until the app updates itself with a new weekly schedule.

The showtimes are listed in the order of the cineplex nearest to the users’ location, so if you’re currently somewhere in Berakas, for instance, you’ll see the Times Cineplex’s showtimes at the top of the list, while KB Sentral is listed last.

Wayang also provides a map (via Google Maps) to help users find their way to the cinema of choice, although that’s probably unecessary as most Bruneians pretty much know exactly where all the cineplexes are located in this tiny nation.

Ammar Rosli, the man behind the Wayang app, said that he created the mobile application to help him find movie screenings in Brunei quicker due to his busy schedule.

Having just launched his app last week, the programmer hopes that the application would also benefit other movie buffs like himself in the country.


Apart from the movie showtimes, the Wayang app also shows information of the movies such as runtime, synopsis, directors, cast as well as movie trailers. Ammar said that the app automatically extracts these data from IMDB.com, the world’s largest movie database site.

“I’ve written a script that automatically updates the app with new information for every new movie that’s scheduled to play in the cinemas. Even the showtimes update is automated,” he added.

The Wayang app however does not allow users to book or purchase movie tickets through the app. For now, the app is only handy for when you need to find out the best time and place to catch a movie, and then purchase the tickets over the counter or through the cinema’s official website.

Ammar said that he hopes to continue improving his app over the course of time, with plans to include a mobile payment system for movie tickets, similar to Fandango, in the pipeline.


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