Samsung spent $10 billion in advertising last year

by Haadi Bakar
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Samsung is among the biggest tech companies in the world with a massive marketing budget. Last year, the South Korean company was reported to have spent a whopping US$10.2 billion on advertising.

Now that’s a lot of money. In fact, that figure is an increase of 15 per cent from the company’s advertising budget in 2015.

So what happens when Samsung spends that much money? They get really gorgeous looking commercials that puts other phone advertisements to shame.

Just check out these new ads from Samsung on their latest flagship phones, the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus:

And here’s an ad for Samsung’s updated Galaxy Gear VR headset:

It’s pretty obvious that Samsung had to fork out more on marketing its products and brand recently in hopes to get people to forget about the Note 7 disaster.

To put into context, Samsung’s rival LG spent US$1 billion on advertising throughout 2016. Meanwhile, Apple has decided against sharing details on their advertising budget to the public.

And if you notice, these ballooning advertising expenses are also the reasons why top-of-the-line smartphones are getting more expensive each year.

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