You’ll need 10,000 viewers before you can make ad money on Youtube

by Haadi Bakar
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Want to earn a living off Youtube? You’ll need at least 10,000 viewers before you can start making advertising money.

That’s according to Youtube’s new policy under its Partner Program update, which now sets a 10,000 channel view minimum requirement on Youtubers before it can play advertisements on their videos.

Yes, Youtube is getting more strict with its user policy. You can blame those fake channels for ruining all the fun.

The world’s most popular video streaming site said this new requirement is necessary to help them rid off illegitimate channels from making money off Youtube. The company said yesterday it has removed “hundreds of thousands” of violators from its service.

A lot of these rogue channels steal content from other Youtubers or companies to gain viewers and ultimately make money through Youtube ads. Talk about lazy. I would hate it too if I posted a video of me playing the maracas while my cat dances to Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie and someone else was making money off of it.

Youtubers who’ve successfully reached that viewership target can then apply for Youtube’s Partner Program, and start seeing those ads pop up on their videos after they’ve passed their evaluation process through the Partner Program.

You can of course get a little more creative in generating revenue outside of Youtube ads, such as through sponsors or product placements, though most companies would prefer advertising through someone with more star power and strong following.

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