Apple rolls out video editing app for the SnapChat generation

by Haadi Bakar
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More people are into the emoji-crazed social media game these days, what with popular social media apps like Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp all coming up with their own SnapChat gimmick.

Now Apple wants to hop onto this trend with its new social video production app called Clips.

The iOS app, which will be out later this month, lets users quickly edit multiple videos and photos together. It’s like a mini iMovie, tailored for the SnapChat and Instagram Stories addicts.

The app lets users add in filters, shapes and emojis on the videos recorded directly through the app or the ones saved in their camera roll. Users can stitch different clips (and even the iPhone’s Live Photos) into one expressive short video without all the complicated editing tools like tracks and timelines.

Also, Clip’s breakthrough feature, Live Titles, lets users create animated captions and titles using their voice (via Siri speech to text conversion).

Once editing is done, users can then upload their work on their favourite social media platforms.

Clips also has a cool augmented reality technology whereby the app uses Apple’s Machine Learning to identify the people in the video and match with the ones in the user’s picture library.

Clips isn’t necessarily aimed to compete with SnapChat or Instagram Stories, but rather compliments them and enhances the user experience. The app gives social media sharers more control of their content, just as how iMovie enables budding filmmakers to create cinematic home movies over the years.

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