New iOS update lets you find your AirPods

by Haadi Bakar
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If you’re one of the lucky few iPhone owners out there who’s bought Apple’s wireless Airpods (through shipping or overseas), kudos to you. Most of us in Brunei can’t seem to easily get our hands on ‘em!

And for all you lucky AirPods owners who are concerned about losing your precious wireless Apple earbuds, then you may want to update your iPhone to the latest version soon.

The new iOS 10.3 update announced last week allows you to track your lost AirPods via the iPhone’s Find My iPhone app – provided that the AirPods are in Bluetooth range of your iPhone.

Once the AirPods are located on your map, simply tap ‘Play Sound’ and the AirPods will start chirping. They gradually get louder and louder with each chirp to make it easier for you to find them.

If you’re out of Bluetooth range or your AirPods batteries run out, the app can pin point the AirPods’ last location.

Unfortunately, the feature can’t locate a lost AirPods case, which is absurd because you could easily misplace the case too.

You also can’t track your lost AirPods if they’re disconnected from your iPhone or stored in the case. So if that happens, you’re out of luck.

When Apple introduced the wireless earbuds alongside the iPhone 7 back in October last year (because, you know, the new iPhones don’t have a headphone jack), there were concerns about how easy it would be to lose these tiny  devices.

The AirPods, which are sold along with their charging case, cost US$159 (S$238 in Singapore).

This update isn’t a complete solution to find your missing AirPods. Perhaps Apple should include a tracking device on their AirPods cases in the next generation wireless earbuds.

iOS 10.3 also expands on Siri’s capabilities to sync with with more apps, fixes security holes in Safari, integrates the weather forecast to maps, adds a podcast widget and a quick app switcher to CarPlay so users can easily open frequently-visited apps on the in-dash system.

The new update is also reported to free up additional storage space on the iPhone, possibly with a new filing system, which is a good thing!

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