Moto G5: Still the best budget smartphone

by Goh De No
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Tech has completely and literally taken over our lives about five years ago.

We are on our phones, laptops, PC’s and tablets more than anything else. So our tech essentially become an integral part of our lives.

However, what I firmly believe is that everyone should have the privilege of having tech, or internet or what not. I’m looking at you telcos, keep working on those budget plans!

Whether you’re poor or rich or Bill Gates, you need to have access to the internet, while buying an iPhone every release is a big waste of money. If you’re doing that, consider re-evaluating some part of your spending!

I love looking at the lower tier devices out in the market. Why? Because that’s what people are realistically going to buy. Not everyone is going to be buying a flagship phone every time there’s one released because people simply don’t have that kind of cash.

I have given myself a somewhat strict rule of not purchasing any smartphone more than $500. This has been enforced since three years ago (an LG G3), and is still true for my latest smart phone (LG G5).

When people ask me about smartphone recommendations, I will usually ask for a budget, and 90 per cent of them will give me a sample range of B$200 to B$400.

This is where the Moto G-series comes into play. The Moto G series has often been the king of budget smartphones.

Motorola recently announced the G4 successor, the Moto G5, and has always been positioned as a budget phone, with close to flagship-like user experiences.

How much?

I will safely say, the Moto G5 available in Brunei for less than $400. More than that, retailers are trying to kill you for it. It’s selling for around US$199 or 169 GBP, so that gives you a rough idea of pricing that you should pay for this device.

The Moto G5 is still the best budget smartphone to get. Image courtesy of Motorola.

Lenovo (the owner of Motorola), is offering a full-metal body, rapid charging and a fingerprint sensor on the G5.

Best of all, this device comes with stock Android on it, so you get the purest experience without the skin, which will also means less performance issue and faster upgrades to the new softwares.

The design is absolutely beautiful. Look at the curved corners and that added frame on the back of the phone with a circular housing for the lens which perfectly matches the Moto logo on the rear!

Weighing in at just 144.5 grammes, this is going to be a comfortable device to hold and good enough for one-hand use, especially with a screen size of 5.2-inches.

It’s processing power comes equipped with Snapdragon’s 430, and has an Adreno 505 GPU with 3GB of RAM (do not go for 2GB RAM if possible).

With a 5-inch full HD screen, decent processor, and a 13-megapixel camera, fast charging and Android N, you could find worse ways to spend your hard-earned money.

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1 comment

Freevolt June 19, 2017 - 2:03 am

i have the it has been a good phone for the $50i paid almost a year ago, im looking to buy a new phone now and will definitely be going as for the same spec as an iphone/samsung you pay half the price.


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